Thursday, August 5, 2010

Case Review Chapter, Update 1

The ethnic cleansing class at Antioch has but me in high gear. We start the first of the historical case studies, the Armenian genocide, this week. I still have to type up the blurbs for the Adalian piece and impose an outline on them. I forgot to handle that this week and must do this very soon.

I’ve started in on the Yugoslavia pieces. I’ve marked up the two Mann pieces and I’ve finished off the chapter from Stoessinger all the way through outline stage. We cover those readings in roughly twelve days. I gotta bust my ass. I may strategically not cover Bell-Fialkoff if I run short.

I need to devise a review table for the kids. The rows should be specific time periods in each case. The columns should be how the different theories do at dealing with each period. I’m probably just going to have them deal with “types of variable” rather than specific theorists, so maybe I should drop the theorist names altogether. The four variable types are: politician agency, psychological interpretive bias, larger socio-structural conditions and culturo-structural conditions. I think that’s how I ought to review the cases in the chapters as well, except I have integrate different theorists back in.

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